About RE/MAX Franchise

The Best New Business / Franchise Opportunity in India

RE/MAX was brought to India in January 2009. RE/MAX entered the real estate market in Gujarat and Maharashtra by a team of young and dynamic entrepreneurs. The Indian real estate industry is very unorganised and plagued with problems. The adventurous entrepreneurs saw the opportunity amidst the problems. After doing research of various brokerage models across the country and in the world they realised that the best model which can work in Indian conditions was RE/MAX! A RE/MAX franchise gives opportunity to entrepreneurs to make money while developing the industry.

More and more real estate brokers in India are now eager to join RE/MAX to take advantage of global exposure and their strategy of high level of commission. Apart from that as real estate agents in India are going through a major change in their line of work; the entry of RE/MAX in the domain of real estate consultants in India will give a great boost to the industry.

History of RE/MAX in Real Estate Franchise

Dave and Gail Liniger founded RE/MAX in Denver, Colorado, in 1973, prompted by their dissatisfaction with the way real estate business was conducted at the time.

Most real estate offices used the commission-split system, requiring sales professionals to forfeit half of their commissions to their brokers in exchange for an office environment and company services. The top producers contributed the most to the operation's overhead, thus supporting the amateur, part-time and low-producing agents. Support services were lacking in quality.

The Linigers wanted to change all that.

They believed that to attract and retain the best agents, brokers must offer maximum compensation, advanced support services and the freedom to succeed. Agents would share office overhead and pay management fees, and in return receive a wide variety of real estate services and more control over their business.

The strategy worked. RE/MAX became a great business idea.

In every year since 1998, nobody in the world has sold more real estate than RE/MAX. The network’s red, white and blue hot air balloon logo is familiar to homebuyers and sellers in more than 80 countries.

The most significant growth for RE/MAX in recent years has come from expansion into Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe and South America. RE/MAX takes proven techniques and adapts them to local markets, thereby developing a series of tools that real estate professionals find invaluable.

The Real Estate Franchise Superstars

Some of the innovative services created by RE/MAX to help its members become ever more professional and successful include:

  • An international agent-to-agent referral network
  • Advanced real estate business training courses, both on-demand online and in the classroom, via RE/MAX University
  • State-of-the-art technological tools and Internet and extranet websites
  • Television real estate advertising campaigns that are seen by more viewers than those of all competitors combined
  • In an industry rife with frequent turnover in ownership and management of major real estate networks, RE/MAX remains owned and directed by its founders.

Business Milestones

  • 1973: First office opened in Denver
  • 1975: First franchise office opened outside Colorado
  • 1978: RE/MAX Balloon adopted as official logo
  • 1987: Became No. 1 in Canadian real estate sales
  • 1994: First offices opened outside North America
  • 1997: Became No. 1 in real estate sales worldwide
  • 2005: Created U.S. collection of IDX websites to allow consumers to see virtually all real estate listings on remax.com with the help of Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • 2007: Launched RE/MAX University
  • 2009: Promoted legislation and trained agents to address distressed properties in US

Success in Real Estate Business

The RE/MAX Concept was designed from the outset to solve fundamental brokerage-management challenges regardless of the business cycle. Deceptively simple, the RE/MAX Concept grows increasingly difficult for others to duplicate:

  • Offer the commission structure that top agents want.
  • Provide the training and motivation they need.
  • Treat them as your lifeblood.
  • Deliver legitimate leads.
  • Be a part of a brand that compels the public—and your competition—to think "the best." As it is rightly called Home of the best real estate agents, RE/MAX gives what buyers and sellers need.

RE/MAX’s experience, productivity and market power are recognized worldwide. But even more important is the true heart of the concept: a powerful leadership and management system that continues to elevate RE/MAX today, just as it has for more than 38 years—that’s five major recessions, three wrenching crashes, two raging booms... and one big success story.

RE/MAX takes proven techniques and adapts them to local markets, thereby developing a series of tools that real estate professionals find invaluable. Some of the innovative services created by RE/MAX International to help its members become ever more professional and successful include commercial investment, an international referral network, advanced training courses, and television advertising campaigns. It is the first and only real estate network to invent and maintain a satellite television network (RE/MAX Satellite Network) dedicated to real estate professionals. In an industry with mergers and acquisitions, RE/MAX is the only major real estate network still owned and directed by its original founders.