Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)

Accredited Buyer Representative

The path towards becoming an ABR® begins by taking the Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) Designation Course. After you complete this course, you will automatically become a member of REBAC for one year—free! You’ll then be able to access many of its member benefits and work towards completing your remaining ABR® designation requirements. 

Course Objective

The overall goals of the Accredited Buyer's Representative(ABR®) Designation course are:

  • Prepare real estate professionals to represent buyer-clients in real estate transactions and provide the quality of service and degree of fidelity to buyers that sellers have customarily enjoyed.
  • Offer ideas and methods for building a buyer representation business.
  • Develop a self-customized tool for conducting a buyer counseling session.

Upon completion of the two-day course and successfully passing the exam, you will have achieved ABR® candidate status, a three-year period during which you must fulfill the educational and experiential requirements to earn the Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) Designation awarded by theReal Estate Buyer's Agent Council, Inc.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Forward

  • About The Real Estate BUYER'S AGENT Council, Inc.
  • REBAC Membership Benefits
  • The ABR® Designation: A Market Distinction
  • ABR® Benefits
  • New Designees
  • Take up to 3 Years To Complete Requirements
  • When Can You Start Using the ABR® Designation?
  • FAQs about the ABR® and ABRM® designations?
  • Course Goals
  • Learning Objectives

Chapter 2: Agency Relationships

  • What is Buyer Representation?
  • Evolution of Buyer Representation
    • Elimination of subagency
    • Vicarious liability
    • NAR policy changes
    • Buyer Representation Trends
  • Parties in a Real Estate Transaction
  • Types of Relationships
    • Single agent
    • Dual and designated agency
    • Facilitator and transaction broker
    • Finder
  • Office Policy

Chapter 3: Creating an Agency Relationship

  • How Relationships Are Formed
    • Express agreements: Written and Oral
    • Implied agreement
  • Agency Disclosure
    • Timely
    • Meaningful
    • Written
  • How We Work With Buyers
  • Advantages of Buyer Representation
    • For the buyer
    • For the seller
    • For the buyer's representative
    • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties E. Buyer Representation Issues
  • When Agency Relationships Change
  • Compensation

Chapter 4: Client and Customer Relationships

  • Fiduciary Duties to Clients and Customers
    • Responsibilities to a client
    • Responsibilities to a customer
  • What is Reasonable Care and Diligence?
  • Controversy
  • Agency Conflicts
    • Imputed knowledge
    • Imputed notice
    • Vicarious liability
  • Recognizing Conflicts of Interest in Fiduciary Relationships
    • Single agency
    • Disclosed dual agency
  • Limiting Scope of Services
  • Penalties for Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Chapter 5: Buyer Service

  • Services Buyers and Sellers Want
  • Buyer Services Provided in a Real Estate Transaction
  • Needs Assessment
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-client
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-customer
  • Property Selection
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-client
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-customer
  • Viewing Properties
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-client
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-customer
  • Negotiating the Purchase and Sales Agreemen
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-client
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-customer
  • Follow-through After the Purchase Agreement
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-client
    • Needs assessment with a buyer-customer
  • Providing Lists of Other Professionals
  • Finding Properties
    • Resources to find properties
  • Working with FSBOs
  • Foreclosures
  • New Home Construction
  • Risk Reduction and Management
  • Subprime, Predatory, and High Risk Lending: What Buyer's Representatives Need to Know
    • Subprime loans
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Predatory lending
    • Why are buyers attracted to these loans?
  • Non-traditional Loan Programs
    • Choosing the right loan
    • Interest-only loans
    • Buydown mortgage
    • Graduated payment mortgage (GPM)
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
    • Convertible ARM
    • Fixed-period ARM
    • Two-step mortgage
    • Option adjustable rate mortgage (Option ARM)
  • Fair Housing and the Buyer's Representative
    • Which law prevails?
    • Statement of fair housing policy
    • Fair Housing Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Chapter 6: The Buyer Counseling Session

  • Goals of a Counseling Session
  • Conducting a Buyer Counseling Session
    • Prepare a presentation packet
    • Build rapport with the buyer
    • Disclose agency obligations
    • Determine previous home search efforts
    • Perform a needs assessment
    • Determine the buyer's price range
    • Determine the level of motivation
    • Discuss financing with the buyer
    • Determine if you want to represent the buyer and if the buyer wants client or customer level service
    • Explain the advantages of buyer representation
    • Obtain commitment
    • Review the buyer representation agreement
    • Provide client-level services
  • Modes of Compensation
  • Relocation Buyers
    • After-the-fact referral fees
  • Buyers to Avoid
    • Unmotivated buyers
    • Unqualified buyers
    • Buyers with unrealistic expectations
    • Buyers whose actions create a conflict of interest
    • Under no circumstances represent buyers who expect you to perform unlawful acts

Chapter 7: Offers and Negotiation

  • Creating an Offer
  • Preparing the Buyer
  • Protecting the Buyer's Interests
  • Working Toward a Purchase Contract
    • Present your client's offer
    • Create a friendly atmosphere
    • Explain the offer
    • After the offer has been presented
  • Adhering to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics
  • Handling Multiple Offers
  • When You Cannot Present an Offer
  • Negotiation "Know-How"
  • Strategies for Buyers' or Sellers' Markets
  • Identify the Buyer's Objectives
  • Plan a Negotiation Strategy
  • Assess the Big Picture

Chapter 8: Building Your Buyer Representation Business

  • Developing a Personal Marketing Plan
  • Finding Qualified Buyers
  • Reaching Out to Potential Clients
    • Develop a presentation package
    • Author articles for newspapers and magazine
    • Create a newsletter
    • Consult with a publicist
    • Conduct telemarketing
    • Market to new and relocating companies
    • Develop relationships with property management firms
    • Present home buying seminars
  • Ramp Up Your Web Site
  • Use your ABR® as a Marketing Edge Ethics
  • Marketing Support for REBAC Members
    • REBAC national consumer marketing
    • Marketing tools for the buyer's representative
    • Find a Buyer's Representative Referral Network
  • Next Steps
    • Complete one ABR® Designation elective course
    • Document five transactions
    • Maintain REBAC membership

Chapter 9: Exam

Course Dates: 30th April- 1st March
Course Location:
G5, Block A, 
Safal Profitaire,
Corporate Road, Opp. Prahladnagar Garden,
Ahmedabad - 380015

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Course Fees:
General Candidate: 10,000/- + S.T
NAR India Member: 8000/- + S.T
RE/MAX Affiliate: 7500/- + S.T