RE/MAX vs Internet Portals

Difference between RE/MAX and Real Estate Portals

There are many real estate portals competing online in India right now.,, and are some of the real estate portals competing for the attention of buyers, sellers and tenants. RE/MAX has the world’s most visited real estate website and people sometimes confuse with such portals.

Online property portals on the Internet were established with an agenda to remove or bypass real estate brokers and agents from the industry. They allow customers to list properties directly with the idea of eliminating the broker from the chain. However, nobody knows better than RE/MAX that only a well-established broker can give local market knowledge, help with paper work and find the best deal for the client at a low cost – it is very difficult to eliminate brokers out of the network. More than 95% of real estate leads in the US are generated online and so it is very important to have a listing portal that helps agents and brokers to promote their listings. RE/MAX’s franchise offering is totally different compared to Internet portals. Here is a comparison chart for a brief overview:


Real Estate Portals


Physical presence with offices and a common logo used across the world makes a truly established brand

Online presence


World class real estate and property market training programs

No training to help agents do more business. No training to buyers or sellers.

Reliable Network

Each listing is backed by an agent and so the network is trustworthy and everyone works to support each other.

Listings are done by customers and agents alike, and so your chances of finding a genuine listing are limited.

Help in Increasing Business

RE/MAX is an agent-centric company and all work is done to increase the revenues of the agent.

Eliminate or reduce the business of a property agent


Per agent

Per listing

Monitoring Listings

Agents can track and monitor each listing and also track the effort and work done on each listing to do a transaction.

There is no support provided by internet portals to monitor listings for an agent.

Monitoring Agents

The Franchise Office Owner has the ability to track all agents and effectively manage listings of the office.

Offices cannot scale up because they are not able to monitor employees. No facility to monitor agent or individual buyer/seller.

Office Management Software

All agents and offices get a complete back end system to manage and increase work productivity.

There is no real estate software created by internet portals that can help an agency, office or individual to increase productivity or make decisions.

Contact Management

Effective contact management for real estate brokerage practice

No contact management features

Among the websites run by real estate brokers, the RE/MAX website is the most visited in the world and has generated the highest number of leads. Till date, around 1 crore leads have been generated around the world since its inception.

In India, the back-end software is provided by Gryphtech to manage the website of RE/MAX. This back-end software not only gives the best real estate selling platform but also software to manage offices, agents, contacts, marketing efforts and a host of other tools customised to suit your daily requirements.

The website of RE/MAX which shows all the listings, regional contacts, office contacts, agents’ details and property listings, is also enabled to give a Search Engine Optimised (SEO) microsite for each property, agent and office.

The software also provides for the agents to print high quality marketing material for all properties that they list. This helps them cut down costs substantially on designing and speeds up the entire property selling cycle.

RE/MAX websites across the world give agents and brokers the power to build their own website at par with top real estate websites by using the same knowledge used by large corporations. Customers in turn get access to the best agents who have listed better properties than those shown on the major real estate listing sites.

RE/MAX helps in marketing your real estate business while a portal can only help you market your listing. The RE/MAX website also features a list of agents with photos of offices and events.