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RE/MAX India, the 73rd country in the global network of RE/MAX international is an initiative of Mr. Samir Chopra to bring the best in the trade to the country. RE/MAX has been a world wide success phenomenon in many countries. It has played a pioneering role in organizing the unorganized real estate market in various countries.

In India, RE/MAX is led by Mr. Samir (SAM) Chopra – A Services Guru with more than 25 years of experience in Consultancy, BPO & Real Estate, Samir is a national board member of National Association of Realtors, India. RE/MAX India, with its headquarters in Gurgaon - Haryana, plans to recruit and train real estate people at various levels of the business model to create an unprecedented network spanning the entire country. This will not only be aimed at organizing the real estate market but also at creating an unmatched referral system.

In India, the RE/MAX concept will combine maximum commissions and the best support services to attract top agents and will also increase the number of new entrants to the real estate industry. At RE/MAX, real estate agents share office overheads, pay management fee, and in return receive a wide variety of real estate services like international as well as national referrals, high commissions, benefits from national as well as region centric advertising campaigns, superior training, professionalism and growing market share.

RE/MAX will blend the administrative skills of its franchisees and the salesmanship skills of its Broker Associates and create an organized and professional framework, where consumers would be not only able to buy/sell real estate but also find financial and legal assistance, all under one roof.

RE/MAX India with an official website will be an interface through which potential buyers and sellers can find listings in any of the regions in the country. Moreover it will also provide RE/MAX agents and consumers with access to perform real estate transactions in more than 75 nations in which RE/MAX is operational.

RE/MAX is one of the real estate companies has instant brand recognition around the world, and its business model has been very successful in numerous countries. RE/MAX operates worldwide with offices in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, Africa, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, Central America, Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific. On average, RE/MAX adds at least one new office to its international network each day and around 10,000 agents each year.

RE/MAX India with Honesty, Integrity, and Trust as its core values will be looking forward to building the same Brand Recall in India and becoming an undisputed market leader in real estate transactions.